Well we have all arrived safely on stage one of the event. Having had an early start the vans were finally loaded and we made our way to Westminster Cathedral for a memorial service.

We were very humbled to have the opportunity to meet family members prior to the event.

The memorial mass was an emotional time and re enforced to all of us why we are doing this ride, and are thoughts are with all of the families who have lost loved ones.

Having had glorious weather this morning, low and behold it decides to rain just as we left on our 20 mile journey to Hillingdon. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out of the mass and braved the elements to see us off, and a big thank you to loz's parents who came all of the way to Westminster to see her off and meet the team.

The Deko Team shirts looked stunning as we all rode off out of Westminster and through Constitution Hill and certainly got us noticed.

Only a few drama's on the route back, one broken seat, one set of binding breaks and a G4 Security Van that tried to wipe out the whole team, oh and the major part of the route the A4 being shut giving us a quick change to the route, but we have all arrived safely at the Holiday Inn in Sipson for a hot shower, some food and then bed ready for the 70 miles we have to complete tomorrow. Hopefully by then Mark and I may have got the hang of the cleated shoes we have little experience in using, but all in all a nice ride.

Really grateful for the winter gear the cycle store kindly donated, i think it may be coming in handy over the next few days.
Mark Crebbin
11/6/2012 06:40:39 am

Good to meet you all today. It's great what you're doing and I know Vicky and her folks think the same. The weather's looking pretty good for the next couple of days - just the G4S vans and roadworks to worry about by the sounds of it!

Best of luck with the next leg,



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