Well what a day. 79 miles later and we finally arrived in Rugby

We decided to have a 5 mile warm up and rode from the Holiday Inn in Sipson to Uxbridge Police Station. We departed Uxbridge Police Station at 0930 and started the trip. Many of our colleagues joined us to send us off and Loz's mum again made a great effort that we really appreciate and came to see us off.
Eight riders started the journey and we all made it to Aylesbury Police Station, 30 miles away in about an hour and a half. We were welcomed there by staff who came to say hello whilst we had a quick cup a soup and bagel before heading off again to complete the 45 miles to Rugby (or so Wes told us anyway).
We had a few issues following the route and went through three iphones as there batteries didn't appear to want to last the journey, but we all made it arriving at the Holiday Inn at 17:00 only 30 minutes later than we had anticipated. All riders crossed the finish line .

It was a pretty straight forward ride and the weather was kind to us, we only had one accident where Tony forgot his feet were attached top the pedals again.
The Altura Jackets we had been donated by the cyclestore.com really helped keep out the wind today and McProducts high viz jackets kept us all safe, and we were kept fed and watered by Tesco's and the gel packs from Bikefood were amazing although an acquired taste.

I must also inform everyone that we have a cheat in our midst, Mark decided one of the hills was just too much for him and had to be pushed up the hill by Wes.

All in all a great day, although i am sure we will be tired and sore tomorrow as we make our way to Buxton, we had a great day as shown in the pictures below. The Altura jackets kept us warm and free from the wind, the Mcproducts high viz vests kept us seen, and Tesco's kept us fed and watered.

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