Well day 3 was upon us all to quickly, and this morning there were a number of us walking like penguins, but sheer determination was carrying us forward and after a hearty breakfast at the Holiday Inn, Rugby, it was time to saddle up and carry on the journey.

Again the weather was extremely kind to us and for the first 30 miles we made great progress and the effects from the previous days ride, seemed to have all but dissapeared. After 20 miles we stopped for a quick refreshment break and then ploughed on to the 40 mile point. A hot drink, pastie, cheese and nuts refuelled everybody and away we went again, but here was where our jovial riding stopped.

We were introduced to the Derby Moors and the hills that go with it, and the great pace from the morning slowed. Some of the hills felt like they would never end.

However through sheer determination we conquered the hills, many Mars Bars, cans of Monster and Bike Food Sachets assisted along the way allowing the riders to push through and complete the 82 miles.

We had been hoping throughout that some of the ups would turn into downs, but that never happened

That is 170 miles completed and we are al really looking forward to the final 25 miles and handing over the cheque to the charity. Special mention has to go to Sam, Loz and Wes who without them carrying us through today we would not have made it, they are absolute machines who just keep on going and keeping everyone fully motivated

It has been an emotional journey, and for a group of people who the majority of which have little or no riding experience, to have completed the 170 miles is a massive achievement.

We only had one incident today where Mark also forgot his feet were attached to the pedals and whilst trying to follow some advice of changing two sets of gears at the same time, hit the deck
Well here is to some food and a good nights sleep, and onwards and upwards for the final leg. Here are some photo's from today's journey, showing that we are still smiling
Steve Kershaw - Borough Commander Hillingdon

This evening the team arrived in Buxton - this has been one of the most fantastic events i have ever been ibvolved in - we have been so well received by all of the police districts we have passed through and also - significantly - the members of public who have spoken to us and found out what we are doing. I am proud to say that for all you hear the British Bobbie is so respected.
Now the real message - people the charity is such a great cause - I ask that you please consider donating - Fallen Heroes - cops who have died or been murdered on duty - how much greater is the sacrifice - next to our wonderful military and Fire service. Please dig - my target for this event is a cheeky £10.000 - if you could see the blisters and hear the groans of pain - ypu would understand why I make this appeal.
Tomorrow we look forward to linking in with our colleagures and friends from manachester - they will guide us in to the end - this will be such a statement of solidarity.

Victoria Bone

Hi Guys,

Just a small note to say WELL- DONE !!! Mum, Dad and I have been thinking of you all every day. Mostly when we are warm and cosy with a cup of tea at Sedgley Park ;-)

Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow with big smiles and hugs. You're all amazing!!!

Vicky x

Sarah Fox

So proud of you all. Amazing guys, you are doing so well!


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